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The Virginia Union University National Alumni Association Incorporated’s (VUUNAA) mission is to reclaim and maintain members, recruit students to Virginia Union University (VUU), cultivate leadership among the alumni and support the mission of VUU. It is a consortium of alumni chapters and affinity groups in different geographic locations that share the same collective efforts to unite and support the alumni of VUU.

The first alumni directory was published in 1983 during the presidency of Mary Redd-Nelson, who was also a member of the Board of Trustees. VUUNAA became a non-profit 501(c)3 and established an Endowed Scholarship under the leadership of N. Scott Phillips. The VUUNAA logo was implemented under the direction of Michael McCrimmon.

UNCF National Alumni Council
Certificate of Membership

VUUNAA Presidents
1979-1983 Mary L. Redd
1983-1987 Dr. Miles Mark Fisher, IV
1988-1990 Carol D. Smith
1990-1992 The Honorable James N. Walton, Sr.
1992-1994 Vice Admiral Samuel L. Gravely, Jr. LL.D*
1994-1999 William B. Holmes, Sr.
1999-2003 Dr. Marilyn T. Brown
2003-2005 Frederick N. Pinkston
2005-2009 N. Scott Phillips, Esq.
2009-2013 Michael McCrimmon
2013-2017 Carolyn W. Jacobs
2017- present Michael A. Newsome

*Carol D. Smith was acting VUUNAA President in 1994 and gave the Alumni Oath at commencement. The names are written as they were at the time of Installation as VUUNAA President. 

Convention Locations

Years                                                                               Theme                                                                                                     Location

June 22 - 25, 2017                                                           Panthers At the Capitol                                                                            Alexandria, Virginia

June 18-20, 2015                                                            Celebrating the Past, Embracing the Future                                            Richmond, Virginia

June 20-22,2013                                                             Now is the Time For Moving Forward                                                      Glen Allen, Virginia

June 2011                                                                        Revisiting The Mission                                                                             Richmond, Virginia

June 25-28, 2009                                                             VUU Changing for the 22nd Century Alumni,Yes We Can                      Atlanta, Georgia

June 8-10, 2007                                                               Students First, Alumni Forever                                                                Washington, DC

June 16-19, 2005                                                             A Legacy of Excellence The Promise of VUU                                         Richmond, Virginia  
10th Alumni Convention

June 20-23, 2002                                                            Vision Unites Us                                                                                       Baltimore, Maryland
Hosted by Miles W. Conner Alumni Chapter

June 21-24, 2001                                                            Together We are Adding Something Extra                                               Detroit, Michigan
6th Annual Hosted by Detroit Alumni Chapter

Hosted by Barco Alumni chapter

**This information was provided through various resources. If you have resources to add to this, please to contact the Office of Alumni Relations, 804-342-3938.

Building Bridges: 
From Generation to Generation